Alpakas on Social Day

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Alpaka Love - Project day at Smithers-Oasis

From idea to finished alpaca – together with Junior Social Media Manager Lisa Roos, two 6th grade girls spent a working day at Smithers-Oasis. The first challenge of the day: think about what you want your alpaca to look like and come up with a concept for the color scheme and a theme. The kids were allowed to pick out the FloralifeĀ® Aqua Color water-based spray paints for themselves in the large product warehouse and store once for all that it would take to give their alpaca a great look. Armed with lots of ideas and decorative materials, they then went out into the fresh air. Of course, spraying the alpacas was a breeze for both of them. While the sprayed alpacas had to dry, it was off to the florist. The flowers were chosen according to very precise ideas and brought to the cool office. The alpacas were already ready and waiting for their hair appointment. With a lot of fun and joy the girls cut their foam clouds, just like the professionals! The results were then of course skillfully staged and photographed.

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