Evi’s Top 6 – Tools

Besides the normal tools that you need on a daily basis as a florist, there are a lot of other helpful tools in our portfolio. Our Explainatory Evi has compiled her TOP 6 tools for you and explains what the advantages are and why she likes to use them so much:

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32-10004 Bonsai & Horticultural Scissors

These scissors have two sharpened cutting blades and are used for filigree fine work, mainly in wedding floristry.
Especially when baby’s breath has to be cut very finely, e.g. for headdresses, they perform well. Even the smallest branches can be cut out easily, if you want to thin out something, e.g. plumosus tendrils.
The small sharp scissors are ideal for working with baby’s breath that is planned to be inserted into Floral Foam, because the thin little stems can be cut at an angle to come out very pointed so they can be inserted easily.

32-06099 Carbon Blade Scissors

Carbon scissors are similar to tweezer scissors, only a few sizes larger. The blades of these scissors are also sharp, and they can be used to cut most common cut flowers. Especially when working with Floral Foam, these scissors make it easier to cut at an angle. Remember to take care of these scissors as well.

32-10005 Deluxe Flower Snip

These powerful scissors are chrome-plated and therefore rustproof. Both cutting blades are sharpened, tapered and straight. Therefore, it is my reliable helper for tweezing work on woody and stronger stems, so when I want to thin out branches or cut pistachio greens, for example. With the slender tip, you can reach everywhere easily. It has, like the secateurs, a special innovative unlocking system: You just have to press the handles of the locked scissors together a little and bam – you’re ready to go…

32-10003 Secateurs

These scissors are also chrome-plated and therefore rustproof, the blades are slightly curved and woody and strong stems can be cut perfectly. They are my reliable companion for harvesting hydrangeas in the fall. It is also equipped with the super practical unlocking system.

32-06129 Floral Foam Knife

The Floral Foam Knife with its ergonomically shaped handle allows efficient work when cutting foam. Straight, precise cuts, even lengthwise through a brick succeed effortlessly. When cutting for small floral arrangements, you need much fewer steps than when cutting with a small florist’s knife!

32-06100 Florist Multi Purpose Scissors

These scissors are made of stainless Japanese steel and cut fabrics, ribbons and paper quite wonderfully. The scissors are notched at the back of the blades, so that even a wire can be cut with them.

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