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Attach OASIS® car decoration holder

OASIS® car decoration holders are available in various shapes and designs. With some products (e.g. OASIS®Auto Double Ring or Auto Rondella) the vacuum suction cup is already integrated and firmly anchored to the plug-in foam base, with other products (e.g.: OASIS® ECObase® Heart to stand on) the suction cups are supplied and can be quickly and easily attached to the floral foam base on site. They all provide a secure hold if the following things are observed:

The base (e.g. hood) on which the car decoration holder is to be placed must be smooth and level. The vacuum cup and hood must be clean, dry and free of grease. A freshly polished car paint can impair the holding power of the vacuum cup. Therefore, the polish should be carefully removed from the intended area with warm water, washing-up liquid and a lint-free cloth, e.g. leather cloth.

Clean the vacuum cup well again after fitting the car decoration holder. Dirt or dust under the vacuum cup can cause it to rub into the uppermost layers of paint on a car hood and leave an imprint. (This can be removed again by the workshop, but it causes trouble!)

Attach products with integrated vacuum cup:

Attach: Place the studded product on the hood and activate the vacuum cup by simultaneously pulling the two pull handles outward.

Removal: By simultaneously pushing the pull handles of the vacuum cup inward, the connection to the base is automatically released. If the suction cup does not release immediately, lift the suction surface at the edge slightly with your fingertip and allow air to flow into the vacuum that is still present.

Attach OASIS® ECObase® products:

Attachment: First, press the included vacuum suction cups into the receptacles in the bottom of the product until they snap into place. The round thickening at the top of the sucker ensures that it does not detach from the floral foam base. Place the finished arrangement on the hood.

Removal: Use your fingertip to slightly lift the suction surface at the edge of the sucker. This allows air to flow into the vacuum and the suction cup detaches from the base

Important information when using the car decoration holder

  • It happens that a customer orders a car decoration, but then wants to put it on the car himself (for example, because the wedding is held in another city). Improper handling can cause damage to the car! In this case, point out to the customer that the application of the car decoration is at your own risk! Furthermore, it is recommended not to drive faster than 50 km/h.
We recommend:
  • The Car Fix automotive film protects sensitive surfaces, such as car is transparent and self-adhesive and can be removed without residue.

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