Autumn greetings !

Autumn floristry

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials were used:

  • Aesculus hippocastanum
  • Castanea sativa
  • Echinacea purpurea
  • Foeniculum vulgare
  • Helenium Cultivar
  • Helianthus annuus
  • Heuchera micrantha
  • Silene conica
  • Triticale x Triticosecale
  • Branches
  • Mauve fibers
  • Plate
  • Gift tags
  • Rubber rings
  • OASIS® BLACK IDEAL cylinder, Designer’s Collection
  • Fixing pin, Plasticine, Rustic Wire (all OASIS® Floral Products)
    Time 15 min · Height 52 cm · Diameter 15 cm

You can find the whole series in hereBLOOM’s Praxis issue 107 Sept/Oct 2019

This is how it is done

Step 1

Clamp five branches with rubber rings to the clamp watered fresh flower foam cylinder.

Step 2

Then fix everything with Rustic Wire and weave the mallow fibers through the top of the branches.

Step 3

Now clamp the spikes behind the wire, insert the florals into the foam and attach everything to the plate using plasticine glue and a fixing pin. on the plate.

Products used in this creation


The dark base enhances the color effect of the blossoms.