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Anticipation is the best joy!

The baby shower is a very special way to show your pregnant friend how happy you are about her pregnancy. The expectant mom is the center of attention on this day and is more or less the “Queen for a Day”. By the way, this party is called a baby shower because it is supposed to “rain” gifts for the mom-to-be.
Think of a great theme to give the baby shower the right atmosphere. Kitschy, playful, elegant – anything that pleases the expectant mom is allowed here. With a candy bar – a sweet buffet – you can pick up the theme of the baby shower in the food and drinks.
In addition to good company and delicious food, a successful party also includes the right decorations. Gifts, table decorations and the candy bar are oriented to the motto of the baby shower, with a lot of attention to detail.

Our tip: Throwing a baby shower party can be very busy. Score points here as a florist and offer the all-round carefree package. Flowers and decorations here come from Anna Boxberger – Die Zuckerblüte.  Link up with bakeries or the little baby store around the corner and deliver total concepts from the decoration to the matching treats and gifts! Anna&Johannes captured the day on camera and provide great keepsake photos. The perfect baby shower directly from the florist.

Floral design

Die Zuckerblüte – Anna Boxberger

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room decoration

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OASIS® BLACK Junior Complet

Small stick foam pad for floral small things with great effect