Decorative wall decoration – foursome Kombi

Autumn floristry - permanent floristry

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials were used:

upper left: Ammobium alatum 路 Daucus carota 路 Lagurus ovatus 路 Ruscus hypophyllum 路
Xerochrysum bracteatum 路 dry gras
upper right: Ammobium alatum 路 Eichhornia crassipes

bottom left: Botao Branco 路 Palmleave

buttom right: Eichhornia crassipes 路 Papaver somniferum 路 Lagurus ovatus 路 Ruscus
hypophyllum 路 Eryngium Cultivar 路 Botao Branco
wooden boards 路 picture eyes
OASIS SEC Dry Floral Foam Brick, OASIS SEC Dry Floral Foam-Cylinder, Hot melt (OASIS Floral Products)

Time 12 min 路 Height 30 cm 路 Width 20 cm 路 Depth 10 cm (Dimensions for one workpiece)
Decoration elements in the picture: Couch (KFF)

漏 Bloom`s

You can find the whole series here BLOOM鈥檚 Praxis Ausgabe 107 Sept/Okt 2019

Products used in this creation.

OASIS庐 SEC dry flowers floral foam brick

dry flower arrangement base

OASIS庐 SEC Cylinder

Provides a secure hold for dried and silk flowers as well as artificial materials