Easter table deco

Seasonal floristry

A small tray becomes a simple table decoration at Easter with a few simple steps. Easter bells provide the small splash of color, Easter eggs may of course not be missing in an Easter decoration and moss beds them softly in a small nest. If the decorations are no longer needed on the table, it can be easily transported and provides, for example, on the windowsill for homely Easter flair.


The following flowers and materials were used:

  • star moss
  • quail eggs
  • feathers
  • Daffodils
  • Branches from:
    • Lilac bush
    • Fruit trees
    • Kitten Willow
  • OASIS® Table Design Neo

Products used in this creation

OASIS® Table Design Neo

Ideally suited for small table and room decorations and as a basis for gift floristry.