from nature

Autumn floristry

from nature

The black plug foam is very versatile. In combination with materials from nature, such as lichen, shells, driftwood, whitewashed bark and reed sticks, extraordinary workpieces are created. The foam forms a base here, which can be equipped creatively, uncomplicated and quickly.


The advantages:

  • time and material saving
  • modern effect
  • design element
  • gives depth to the workpieces


Wreath with lichen: OASIS® BLACK NAYLOR BASE® Ring
Sphere with bark collar: OASI® BLACK IDEAL Sphere
Shell square: OASIS® BLACK IDEAL design plate
Chandelier: OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Design Ring
Mikado spiral: OASIS® BLACK IDEAL cylinder rod
Floral Saturn: OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Sphere


© Jörg Manegold; floristic design Victoria Salomon


Products used in this creation


The dark base enhances the color effect of the blossoms.