Golden October

Autumn floristry

Nature Pure Floristry


When autumn shows its most beautiful side, the last warm rays of the sun bathe the autumn leaves in radiant hues. If it gets cold and dark in the evening, one would like to have the warm atmosphere of nature in one’s own 4 walls. Barbara Bruckbauer of Herzensw√§rme Photography has conjured this feeling for us in an autumnal decorative wreath. The black OASIS¬ģ BLACK BIOLIT¬ģ wreath lets the warm colors of the natural materials shine and yet does not directly catch the eye, although it was not completely covered here. This saves material and time in the design.

© Barbara Bruckbauer РHerzenswärme Photography


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The foam does not have to be completely hidden, the translucent black base adds depth and becomes a design element.