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Heart table decoration

Gift floristry & table decoration

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials were used:

  • Argyranthemum frutescens
  • Clematis Cultivar
  • Eustoma grandiflorum
  • Limonium tetragonum
  • Rosa Cultivar
  • Thlaspi arvense
  • Viburnum opulus
  • Pot tape (Lehner Wool)
  • Hotmelt (OASIS┬« Floral Products)
  • OASIS┬« AQUA Colour Spray
  • Time 15 min ┬Ě Height 15 cm ┬Ě Width 24 cm ┬Ě depth 38 cm
┬ę Bloom`s

Products used in this creation

OASIS® Glue Spray

OASIS® Glue Spray

Spray adhesive for fixing and fastening