hello, autumn!

Autumn floristry

Autumn is just around the corner!


It’s time to finally welcome autumn. It brings us not only colorful foliage, but a lot of other fruits and materials with which we can decorate our home in the fall. Hydrangeas delight with the harmonious color gradient of their flowers, physalis fruits provide the little splash of color with rich orange . Combined with hawthorn berries and blue thistles, the materials from nature can be easily processed into an autumnal outdoor wreath.

The following flowers and materials were used:

  • Blue thistle flowers
  • Hawthorn berries
  • Cotton plant flowers
  • Flowers of the peasant hydrangea
  • Annabell hydrangea flowers
  • Sedum flowers
  • Physalis fruits
  • OASISĀ® IDEAL Universal Ring
Ā© Barbara Bruckbauer – HerzenswƤrme PHhotography

hello, autumn ..

This is how it is done

Products used in this creation

OASISĀ® IDEAL Universal Ring

Due to hanging eyelet on the plastic base very well usable as a wall or door decoration.