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In loving memory – on biobased floral foam

Mourning Floristry

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials were used:

  • Akebia quinata
  • Brunia laevis
  • Carlina acaulis
  • Parajubaea cocoides
  • Sempervivum Cultivar
  • Lilienkapseln
  • Bark
  • Moss
  • Tree fungi
  • Tacker needles
  • Binding wire
  • Plugwire
  • Wooden Plate
  • OASIS┬« NatureSourceÔäó Floral Foam
  • Chicken Wire (OASIS┬« Floral Products)
    Time 20 min ┬Ě Height 24 cm ┬Ě Width 50 cm ┬Ě Depth 27 cm
┬ę Bloom`s

Products used in this creation.

OASIS┬« NatureSourceÔäó Maxlife Brick

Floral Foam made from 20 % biobased* raw materials.

*DIN EN ISO 14021 proves 20 % biobased ingredients, of which 13 % are proven biobased carbon according to DIN EN 16785-1, test center T├ťV Rheinland. Tolerances of the suction time are possible.