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It’s the designer’s choice – The OASIS® BLACK Series

Black cut foam in focus at IPM 2019 – Lisa Thalmayr created great designs with the OASIS® BLACK series for our own booth in Hall 5. The new product line proves to be versatile: 1 product – 3 possibilities. Whether classically or sparingly studded or used as a design element, it is up to the florist how he or she likes to use the black plug-in foam.

Geometric metal grids are still in vogue and serves here as a frame for the design. The black plug-in foam adds depth to the piece and brings the flowers into focus. With little floral material here iene great effect is achieved, because the black plug-in foam does not have to be covered without gaps.


Used were:

  • Cymbidium ‚Amalia’
  • Chrysantheme ‘Bloom Anjoka Orange’
  • Dianthus ‚Florigene’
  • Anigozanthos ‚Bush Gold’
  • Nerine ‚Lady Lian‘


Products used in this creation

OASIS® BLACK Junior Complet

Small stick foam pad for floral small things with great effect