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It’s the designer’s choice – The OASIS® BLACK Series


Black cut foam in focus at IPM 2019 – Lisa Thalmayr created great designs with the OASIS® BLACK series for our own booth in Hall 5. The new product line proves to be versatile: 1 product – 3 possibilities. Whether classically or sparingly cut or used as a design element, it is up to the florist how he or she likes to use the black cut foam.

The OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Design Ring can be filled thanks to its closed base. At the IPM we filled it with candies. The opened roses make the piece look soft and thanks to the black plug-in foam, gaps do not need to be filled with greenery; they give depth to the design and allow the delicate shades to stand out.



  • Rose Harmony Peach
  • Rose ‘Early Grey’
  • Cymbidium ‚Amalia’
  • Nelke ‚Florigene‘
  • Riceflower


Products used in this creation


The inside of the ring can be filled, e.g. with candles, baubles, fairy lights, etc…