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Mother’s day nostalgiaA very special family celebration: Mother’s Day. Many families make a point of spending this day together and celebrating beautiful moments, although of course mom is the center of attention on this day and it’s time for the kids to say “Thank you!”. With a little help from the florist can create quite great spatial concepts, gifts and the right feel-good atmosphere. Why not get a little nostalgic when grandma is also visiting that day? With a lot of attention to detail, blue decorative wire was formed into hearts. A white metal ring protrudes from the cut OASIS® BLACK BIOLIT® ring and is the centerpiece of the table decoration. The 3D heart is studded with rose petals on the front side, the back side is covered with fluffy wool. The bouquet for mom has a very special nostalgic decorative element: it was wrapped with OASIS® Spider’s Web in Newspaper Design.

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Die Blumentante
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The sturdy wooden base provides a secure stand