Mother’s Day

Gift floristry & table decoration

Mom, you are the best!

Let’s throw a party for mom. Nothing must be missing: Gifts, delicious food and a great atmosphere. After all, we say it far too rarely: Mom, you’re the best! To celebrate the day, every mom is happy to receive creative surprises from her loved ones: beautifully wrapped gifts, a selection of sweet treats and spending quality time together – nothing says “I love you” more than grand gestures and precious memories.

Florists are the place to go when it comes to special gifts & moments. Anna Boxberger from Die Zuckerblüte has designed a concept where nothing is left to chance. Whether floral decorations, dresses or appetizers, everything fits into the colorful color concept and is coordinated: pink macarons, floral gifts in pink and even the collar for the dog is true to the color concept.

Our tip: Work together with companies in your region and offer your customers the all-round carefree package. They will be pleased if you are relieved of the planning effort. And if you want, you can capture the beautiful day in a joint photo shoot!


Let us inspire you:

Floristry Trends 2018

creative giftwraps

As a full member of the family, the dog also gets a chic floral collar to celebrate!


It doesn't always have to be expensive, it just has to come from the heart. Beautifully packaged, every gift looks more valuable.

Products used in this creation

OASIS® Floxi Gift Box

Including OASIS® Junior Complet, banderole and carrying case.

OASIS® Wrap Wristlet

Homemade floral accessories are the highlight of a girls’ night out.


The sturdy wooden base provides a secure stand


Whether for weddings, birthdays, company anniversaries or other events – the OASIS® BIOLINE® letters, numbers / digits and special shapes are the optimal basis for individual and extraordinary floral decorations.