Outdoor wedding – boho style

Outdoor wedding in boho style

Everything can Nothing must be – this is the guiding principle of an unconventional wedding in boho style. This is where different styles like to meet, composed of elements of nature, playful floral decorations and DIY wedding decoration. At a typical boho wedding the feeling of creative freedom is underlined by an outdoor location. At the guest´s creative table, all guests are welcome to create a very special memory for the bride and the groom. Whether small or large, everyone can participate here!

The shoot is a collaboration of OASIS® Floral Products Germany and these great service providers:

Konzept und Floristik Die Blumentante https://www.instagram.com/die_blumentante/
Fotografie Pixiedust Factory https://www.instagram.com/pixiedust.factory/
Brautmode Brautmode Kronberg https://instagram.com/brautmode_kronberg
Brautjunfern und -mädchenkleider Katerina Karneri Couture https://www.instagram.com/katerina_karneri_couture/
Dekoration und Mobiliar Palettenhochzeit https://www.instagram.com/palettenhochzeit/
Location Marienhof Fecher https://www.instagram.com/marienhof_einzigartig_feiern/
Outfit Bräutigam Atelier Torino https://www.instagram.com/ateliertorino/
Eheringe Fingerglück https://www.instagram.com/fingerglueck/
Traurednerin Traulina https://www.instagram.com/trau_lina/
Styling Braut Neleta MuA https://www.instagram.com/neletamua.de/
Makeup Brautjungfern https://www.instagram.com/elisa.tanja/
Personalisierte Produkte Medapi https://www.instagram.com/medapi/
Kerzen Wenzel Kerzen https://www.instagram.com/kerzenwenzel/
Bridal Knitwear und Schmuck Foreverandeva https://www.instagram.com/foreverandeva_official/
Konfetti Confetti.de https://www.instagram.com/confetti.de/
Sweet table Eis Stephan https://www.instagram.com/eis_stephan_veitshoechheim/
Armbänder Bastelkathii https://www.instagram.com/bastelkathii/
Kinderkleidung Orbkind https://www.instagram.com/orbkind/
Papeterie Moonpaperbox https://www.instagram.com/moonpaperbox/
© Pixiedust Factory

Products used in this creation


The wooden base gives the necessary stability to the flower arrangement base


Whether for weddings, birthdays, company anniversaries or other events – the OASIS® BIOLINE® letters, numbers / digits and special shapes are the optimal basis for individual and extraordinary floral decorations.