Pastel Bridal Bouquet

Wedding floristry

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials were used:

  • Acacia dealbata
  • Eustoma grandiflorum
  • Freesia Cultivar
  • Gypsophila paniculata
  • Helichrysum italicum
  • Lagurus ovatus
  • Limonium latifolium,Limonium sinuatum
  • Rosa Cultivar
  • Serruria florida
  • Stipa barbata
  • Tanacetum parthenium
  • Ribbon
  • Wool (Lehner)
  • Wire, silver wire (both BUCO)
  • Hot glue (OASIS® Floral Products)
  • OASIS® Lady I Bridal Bouquet Holder
    Time 30 min – Height 24 cm – Diameter 35 cm


You can find the whole series in BLOOM’s Praxis Issue109 Jan/Feb 2023

Products used in this creation

OASIS® Lady I Bridal Bouquet Holder

Product features & advantages

  • Foam body with plastic grid
  • Foam basket open at the bottom
  • Ergonomically shaped plastic handle

Intended use & application tips

For wedding floristry. The plastic grid provides flowers with support. Long stems should be additionally supported and anchored to the plastic grid with wire. When cutting, make sure that the ends of the flower stems are pushed far enough into the foam for optimal water supply.

The finished bridal bouquet will last longer if it is sprayed with OASIS® Clear Life to reduce evaporation.