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Radko Chapov floral designs – table decorations

Trend floristry / interior design

Floral Design by Radko Chapov


If you only think of black cut foam as funeral floristry, you are mistaken. Nowadays, the color black is considered timeless and elegant in many industries, be it fashion or furniture. Dare to try a new way of floristry. Radko Chapov’s designs show that OASIS┬« BLACK products are a solid base for modern table decorations. Get inspired, dare to use the new products and create unusual work pieces that will surprise your customers.

Break through the limits of your creativity with the OASIS┬« BLACK series. The black plug-in foam as an all-rounder – whether classically plugged in or incorporated into the design, “it’s the designer’s choice”. The black cut foam opens up new design possibilities and is a solid basis for expressive floral arrangements in the usual premium quality. It also offers some advantages from an economic point of view. Save 25% on materials: the plug-in base does not have to be completely covered, yet the finished floral arrangements still look fleshed out and finished. Challenge your creativity in a new way and design modern, contemporary floristry. Are you still plugging or already designing?

┬ę Radko Ivanov Chapov

Products used in this creation


Black OASIS® IDEAL Floral Foam in a black plastic bowl is the ideal base for unique, modern and elegant wreaths for any occasion.


The foam does not have to be completely hidden, the translucent black base adds depth and becomes a design element.


For table and room decorations in an extraordinary style.