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Simple autumn wreath in green

Autumn floristry

Whoever likes it simple…

For some, it doesn’t necessarily have to be colorful, even in the fall. “Less is more” – a simple look with subtle colors, lots of nature and fresh greenery. Olive branch leaves are the ideal choice: their leaves have a matte, silvery-gray hue. Grain ears are tied into clusters and add fullness. A delicate green is brought to the wreath by the flowers of hydrangea. The wreath is rounded off with cotton flowers and mushrooms. This creates a natural and at the same time modern look for your autumn decorations.

The following flowers and materials were used:

  • Olive branch leaves
  • Annabell hydrangea flowers
  • Grain tied into bunches
  • dried poppy seed capsules
  • Cotton plant flowers
  • decorative mushrooms
Ā© Barbara Bruckbauer – HerzenswƤrme Photography

Products used in this creation