Simple room decor

Spring floristry

Simple room decor

Black floral foam as a base for springtime workpieces?! The perfect combination to highlight delicate flowers and put them in perspective! The designs are not overloaded and exude a spring-like lightness. The black floral foam base becomes the stage for your floristic interior design idea.


  • Lysianthus
  • Viburnum
  • Rotating willow
© Herzenswärme Photography – Barbara Bruckbauer

Welcome, spring!

This is how it is done

Step 1

Carefully remove the floral foam ring from the packaging and avoid damage or marks, as the OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Design Ring should remain visible as a "vessel substitute".

Step 2

Pin with floral materials. Once a cut flower has been pinned, it should not be changed, otherwise the hole will remain visible. Courage to spontaneity!

Step 3

Emphasize heights and verticals. Viburnum lightly surrounds the base, rather than obscuring it.

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