Small Table Deco – Botanical Style

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials were used:

  • Astrantia major
  • Chamelaucium uncinatum
  • Eucalyptus populus
  • Helleborus orientalis
  • ’Magnificent Bells’
  • Pinus nigra
  • Protea nana
  • Vanda Cultivar
  • Band (Vivant)
  • OASIS® Glue Spray
  • OASIS® Double-Fix Clear
  • OASIS® Junior Complet
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You can find the whole series here BLOOM’s Praxis Ausgabe 102 November/Dezember 2021

This is how it is done

Step 1

Apply double-sided transparent adhesive tape to the rim of the plastic vessel and wrap it with decorative tape.

Step 2

Water the Fresh floral foam cylinder, put it back in the tray and insert pine needles on the side.

Step 3

Insert more pins crosswise and fix them with spray adhesive. Then add the rest of the florals.

Products used in this creation

OASIS® Glue Spray

OASIS® Glue Spray

Spray adhesive for fixing and fastening

OASIS® Double-Fix Clear

Double-sided self-adhesive tape, enables fast and almost invisible application of materials to various surfaces.

OASIS® Junior Complet, green

For small table or room decorations.