Spring messengers

Spring floristry

Tulips in basket



The sun hardly shows itself this winter. All the more we long for spring with all its colors. Fresh flowers in your own four walls drive away the winter frustration. The first tulips attract spring feelings and fit perfectly with the natural look of the basket. The “wild” sticking of the floral foam makes it look as if they have grown and blossomed in the basket.

© Herzenswärme Photography – Barbara Bruckbauer

Welcome, spring!

This is how it is done

Step 1

Select OASIS® BLACK Table Deco in matching size to the basket.

Step 2

Pre-punch holes into the OASIS® BLACK Table Deco, as the tulips may have soft stems. This prevents the foam from being compressed and ensures an optimal water supply.

Step 3

Line the inside of the basket with moss.

Products used in this creation


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