Gift floristry

The following flowers (botanical names) and materials were used:

  • Astrantia major
  • Chrysanthemum x grandiflorum
  • Dahlia Cultivar
  • Hydrangea macrophylla
  • Limonium tetragonum
  • Nigella damascena
  • Stachys byzantina
  • Mulberry bark
  • ribbon
  • fabric scraps
  • decoration fleece
  • hot glue
  • self-adhesive pinholder
  • double-sided transparent adhesive tape
  • OASIS® Roma Bowl
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You can find the whole series here BLOOM’s Praxis Ausgabe 71 September/Oktober 2016

This is how it is done

Step 1

Tape the rim of a Roma bowl from Smithers-Oasis with double-sided transparent tape.

Step 2

Then cover with textured decorative fleece from Smithers-Oasis.

Step 3

Insert the tea box into the flower arrangement using the self-adhesive pin holder.

Products used in this creation


Plug-in foam can be removed from the tray for watering, available in 3 sizes

OASIS® Double-Fix Clear

Double-sided self-adhesive tape, enables fast and almost invisible application of materials to various surfaces.