Tulip wreath

Spring floristry

For a cozy home

Flowers give joy and bring a welcoming atmosphere to the home. Offer your customers to have small floral decorations sent to their homes. The offer can be presented and ordered via social media. A message on Facebook / Instagram or WhatsApp is enough here to place an order and the goods can make their way to the customer by mail.


Black floral foam as the basis for spring-like workpieces? The perfect combination to highlight the delicate colors of the early bloomers and put them in the right light. The designs are thus not overloaded and exude spring-like lightness.

© Herzenswärme Photography – Barbara Bruckbauer

Welcome, spring!

This is how it is done

Step 1

Tuck tulips into the foam at a greater distance apart, making sure the lines are uniform.

Step 2

If the stems of the tulips are too soft to stick into the foam, prepare holes with a wooden stick.

Step 3

OASIS® BLACK BIOLIT® ring all around with tulips and then add white feathers.

Products used in this creation