The following flowers (botanical names) and materials were used:

  • Astrantia major
  • Begonia maculata
  • Brunia albigreen
  • Chamelaucium uncinatum
  • Eucalyptus populus
  • Helleborus orientalis ’Magnificent Bells’
  • Leucadendron
  • ’Safari Sunset’
  • Pinus mugo
  • Pinus nigra
  • Protea nana
  • Vanda Cultivar
  • Moss
  • Wreath base
  • Candles (Wenzel)
  • plate
  • Sticking wire (BUCO)
  • OASIS® ECObase® ring fresh floral foam ring with hard foam base
  • waterproof adhesive tape
  • Candle holder
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You can find the whole series here BLOOM’s Praxis Ausgabe 102 November/Dezember 2021

This is how it is done

Step 1

Water fresh floral foam ring with hard foam base, then attach it to the straw roemer with waterproof tape.

Step 2

Insert the candle holders.

Step 3

Shorten the plug wire to the desired length, bend it into a clasp and use it to fix the moss cushions on the wreath. Add the remaining florals and pin the candles.

Products used in this creation


For stick candles, easy to shorten, flame retardant material

OASIS® ECObase® Ring

Fresh floral foam ring with hard foam base