Interesting Facts About Floral Foam

After introducing herself and talking about the corporate philosophy of Smithers-Oasis, Evelyn Gerull (Freelance Master Florist) gave us a lecture about the right handling of Floral Foam in her class „Flo10“, which took place on June 9th 2015. Moreover, she disclosed the secret about preserving the initial freshness of cut flowers.

Unfortunately, it is still quite common that our Floral Foam is not being watered properly. To prevent this from happening in the future, Ms. Gerull demonstrated how to water it correctly. With the help of a water basin, her demonstration was very vivid and understandable.  She gave valuable advice on how to use Fresh Floral Foam and also explained the physical properties of the Floral Foam mass. Interesting to know: A Foam Brick can hold two liters of water!

She also listed the differences in the strength of the three foam materials we offer (ideal, standard and premium). This allows the florist to choose the most suitable foam depending on the workpiece.

Another point was the correct way of cutting flowers. Evelyn Gerull explained the botanical-technical background as well as the correct technique, which is necessary, so that cut flowers remain turgescent for a long time.

In the second part of the presentation, the main topic was freshness. The most important criterion here is the regular use of freshness preservatives! The second is the correct dosage of those preservatives. On the one hand, the right dosage helps to reduce the number of withered flowers and thus saves costs. And on the other hand, it helps to ensure that our customers are satisfied. In addition to important nutrients and sugar, a freshness preservative also contains pH-lowering agents and bacteria-inhibiting substances. Therefore, the lifespan of flowers mostly depends on how they are treated.

We want to thank Evelyn Gerull for the very informative and interesting lecture! Many thanks also for her coming and for the presents she brought us!


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