Kids Day 2018

We used the autumn vacations in Rhineland-Palatinate to host the third so-called “Kids Day” at Smithers-Oasis in Grünstadt. For this we invited the school-age children, grandchildren, siblings (…) of our employees to get to know our company and our products. They also had the opportunity to visit their family member at the workplace. The event was themed Halloween.

In keeping with the theme, the children cut pumpkins filled with our black foam. They were also able to let off steam by decorating our entrance area for the upcoming Halloween festivities. Many of our products were available to them for this purpose, such as Rainbow® foam and Floralife® color sprays.

During a tour of our production facility and laboratory, the children were then able to get an idea of how our products are made and the properties of floral foam.

The kids and helpers had a great time and are already looking forward to the next Kids Day at Smithers-Oasis!

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