The black floral foam of the OASIS® BLACK IDEAL series has the identical quality and properties as our proven green OASIS® IDEAL floral foam:

  • Universally usable flower sticking foam
  • suitable for almost all flowers and flower arrangements
  • fast water absorption
  • low drainage
  • optimal holding power

The black floral foam can be included as a “design element” in the floral design of the workpieces. It does not have to be completely covered and can remain free-standing if necessary. In this way, the florist not only saves time, but also materials. Unique, modern and extraordinary workpieces are created.

Oasis Black Ideal

The OASIS® BLACK BIOLIT® series consists, analogous to the OASIS® BLACK IDEAL series, of a floral foam that has the identical quality and properties as our proven green OASIS® IDEAL floral foam. The foam is combined with a recycled cardboard base. The products are suitable for funeral floristry as well as for table and room decoration. To protect delicate surfaces, we recommend the use of a waterproof base.

The recycled cardboard base is made of 100% pressed waste paper.
Biolit Herz Black

Also for the OASIS® BLACK NAYLOR BASE® series the quality of our green OASIS® IDEAL floral foam was used, in trendy black

The plastic tray serves as a water reservoir. It is especially suitable for arrangements that are presented over a longer period of time (e.g. Advent wreaths), as the plastic tray proves to be particularly robust and can be re-watered. Anti-slip nubs on the bottom of the bowl prevent accidental movement as well as damage (scratches).
Black Naylor base

our favourite Table Decos are now also available in trendy black. The black floral foam in the black bowl is the ideal basis for modern, trendy floral arrangements with a cutting-edge look.

Product features & advantages

  •     no foam waste

  •     time and cost saving

  •     plastic tray serves as a water reservoir and allows easy re-watering and pre-working

OASIS Black Table Deco Serie 2

Small but mighty! The color black is still in vogue. With the black version of our popular OASIS® Junior Complet bowl, small floral arrangements can now be made on black foam. Since the foam does not need to be covered, a very special look can be achieved with little floral material.

Black Junior Complet

The OASIS® EYCHENNE® ALL BLACK series consists of particularly firm polyurethane foam and a highly resistant plastic shell as a base. The composition of the floral foam is characterized in particular by the following properties:

The higher stability of the foam brings great advantages, especially for long-stemmed workpieces, and allows new creative scope.
Suitable for fresh, silk and dried flower arrangements High flower holding power Colorfast
pH-neutral (foam should be watered together with fresh holding agent when used for cut flowers)
the water-holding power is slightly lower than that of green fresh flower cutting foam, as the cutting foam is also suitable for dry floristry. (it is therefore recommended to re-water the finished arrangement regularly)