Advantages of OASIS® BLACK Floral Foam

Advantages of black floral foam - the OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Series

The dark color of OASIS® BLACK IDEAL plug-in foam has several advantages.

Design advantages:
  • Color effect: The dark base enhances the color effect of the flowers used. particularly bright colors get more radiance and hues such as pink, yellow or
    orange shine more intensively.
  • Depth effect: Overall, the workpiece acquires greater optical depth, it appears more vivid and intense.
  • Extended design scope: Due to the changed optical effect, Black Foam can be used for both traditional and experimental design. By deliberately leaving floral foam sections visible as part of the design, a modern, design-oriented or even graphic effect is achieved.
  • The ideal combination for the table and as a gift: OASIS® BLACK IDEAL Maxlife brick and glass jars! Here, the BLACK FOAM is also not recognizable as floral foam. It looks noble and can remain uncovered, so that the time-consuming filling with granules or wrapping with leaves or similar can be dispensed with. Material and time are thus saved.
General instructions for use:
  • The rich black hue of Black Foam develops only during soaking.
  • If the foam is to remain visible, special care should be taken not to damage the floral foam part.
  • OASIS® BLACK IDEAl floral foam can be used in exactly the same way as normal (green) OASIS® IDEAL floral foam. Both foam types are identical and differ only in color. The color of the black foam is also waterproof and does not run when watered.

Floral design ideas with the OASIS® BLACK series can be found in the inspirations and on Youtube

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